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Welcome to the Real World: Job Search Resources

Kicking off a job hunt can be nerve–racking. But if you know where to look for openings and you devote time to your search on a daily basis, you’ll be off to an amazing start. Here you’ll find resources for everything from popular job search sites, to websites devoted to interview preparation.

Job Search Sites 
There are hundreds of online job search sites out there. Some provide listings for you to browse, while others allow you to post your resume for employers, as well. Here are a few of the most popular sites out there:

  • Monster: This popular site features a wide range of listings—plus job search tools.
  • Indeed
  • Jobster: Allows job seekers to browse listings from almost 30 different categories nationwide.
  • Craigs List: A constant source of opportunities for major cities in every state.
  • CareerBuilder: One of the largest online job search sites out there.

Trade magazines in your field are another excellent place to find relevant listings.

Resume Websites 
Here are a few links to great resume resources:

Career Fairs  
Scope out career and job fairs in your area here.

In some cases, it can help to hire a recruiter to help find the right opening for you. You can search for a recruiter here.

Letting friends and coworkers know you’re looking for a job can lead to a successful search. You can network at sites like LinkedIn, Jobster and Facebook.

If you’ve gotten an interview, congratulations. Here are a few sites that can help you prepare for the big day:

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